Medicinal plants: the magic of Mayan women

With the project “Mayan Women and Medicinal Plants” we contribute to improve the living conditions of women and their communities, preserve traditions and biodiversity, and concretely increase the economic possibilities of the women themselves.

The project aims to meet the general purpose of improving the living conditions of Mayan women in the Totonicapan area. To do so, it involves training at a personal level, management training and also “on the ground” literally, as it involves the creation of plots in which to grow medicinal plants and other products for sale. All this with a view towards sustainability and respect for the environment.

General objective: to improve the living conditions of women through the learning of skills to direct productive activities that in turn will contribute to the reduction of poverty in the municipality.

 Specific objective: to increase the productive capacity of the plots of land of Medicinal Plants managed by peasant women, through the collection and distribution of rainwater with the implementation of a drip irrigation system.

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Donation Total: 50.00€

  • With 50 Euro you contribute to the creation of a part of the water collection system.

  • With 100 Euro you increase the profitability of the cultivated land by 30%.