Rural micro-enterprises in Cameroon

Cameroon is a country rich in natural resources but this wealth does not benefit much of the population. Especially in rural areas and especially women and young people who often choose the path of emigration. For this reason, we have decided to support community micro rural enterprises made up of women and young people with training in agricultural techniques by Cameroon workers and with the purchase of materials and equipment for agriculture.

Beneficiaries: 200 farmers, young people and women belonging to 10 farmers’ associations. The project will create an induced activity that will benefit at least 3,000 inhabitants of the area.

Objectives: to contribute to the improvement of the social and economic living conditions of rural women and young people. To promote the modernisation of local agriculture and the development and marketing of local agricultural products.

Project supported by the Otto per Mille funds of the Waldensian Church

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Donation Total: 50.00€

  • With 20 Euro you support the cost of an animator expert in the establishment of agricultural enterprises and cooperatives

  • With 50 Euro you support the purchase of materials and tools for agriculture