Microcredit for Malika

Malika is a suburb of Dakar, Senegal. Piles of cluttered houses rise near a huge dump that represents life and death for the inhabitants of Malika. Life because many people live rummaging through the garbage looking for something to sell or reuse. Death because this sad activity is accompanied by illnesses and precariousness.

For some years now we have been supporting with micro-credit a number of small businesses that were born in Malika and we are encouraging new ones. Malika is slowly changing and the lives of its inhabitants are improving.

Beneficiaries: 100 small economic operators active in the municipality of Malika who will have access to credit and training initiatives to improve their activities. The project will have an impact on the entire population of Malika in terms of increasing employment opportunities and developing the local economy.

Objectives: to contribute to the improvement of incomes and the creation of employment in the community of Malika, Senegal.

Local partner: Intermondes Association, a Senegalese organization active in supporting participatory local development processes.

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Donation Total: 50.00€

  • With 20 Euro you pay for a day of training for a small Malika producer

  • With 100 Euro you contribute to strengthen the micro-credit fund