Project Organic for everyone

The main objective is to ensure a healthy and comprehensive diet for the children of the village of Koubri and their families. The project, which began in May 2015, involved an agro-group of 30 women, mothers of children attending school in Watinoma. Various training courses on organic food and agriculture were carried out, a solar-powered water pump was installed to irrigate the crops even during the dry season, and a warehouse was built.
Now we want to take a further step forward: to create a direct sales network from producer to consumer, avoiding speculation by intermediaries and starting the production of certain products. We would like to buy a mill to grind cereals and equipment to produce tomato puree, encouraging female entrepreneurship and the consumption of healthy and local products.
Beneficiaries: 180 children attending Koubri primary school who have access to healthy food, 20 farmers who learn organic farming techniques.

Objectives: To improve the food security of the population of the village of Koubri, in the peri-urban area of the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou.
To promote the spread of organic farming and the consumption of local food products. Beneficiaries: 180 children attending Koubri primary school with access to healthy food, 20 farmers learning organic farming techniques.
Partners: Watinoma Burkina Association, Watinoma Italy

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