The dream of the young people of Chocaya

We are helping young people in Chocaya, in the Cochabamba region of Bolivia, to revitalize the Tunari nature park, which has been seriously damaged by fire. Our goal is to plant 1500 fruit trees and 4500 native plants and train the young people of Chocaya in the management of ecological and sustainable tourism. It is also planned to build a restaurant and toilets for visitors. Together we can bring the Tunari Nature Park back to life and give 40 families and young people in Chocaya a perspective on life and work.

Dates: January 2017-September 2018

Direct beneficiaries: 40 young people and families

Indirect beneficiaries: 106 families from the Chocaya community, about 400 people

Objectives of the project: to relaunch sustainable tourism in the Tunari Park of Chocaya, which has been seriously damaged by fire, and to enable young people to acquire the necessary skills to carry on the activity of sustainable community tourism, in order to improve their living conditions and ensure concrete prospects for the future.

Project co-financed by Social Day

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Donation Total: 50.00€

  • With 35 Euro you can help us to plant 10 fruit trees

  • With 50 Euro we will plant 120 native plants