Sustainable agriculture in an arid area of Senegal: strengthening the action of peasant groups in Mekhè

The Mekhè area in Senegal is one of the driest areas in the country and, due to climate change, the land is becoming even drier and more difficult to cultivate. To meet this challenge, local agricultural workers need to acquire new skills to accompany local farmers in developing and testing the best strategies to address this problem.

Beneficiaries: about 2,000 farming families in the Mekhè area, belonging to 40 groups organized by UGPM.

Objectives: Strengthening of the skills of UGPM village leaders

Development and dissemination of adaptation and response strategies to climate change

Local partner: UGPM – Union des Groupements Paysans de Mekhé, Farmer's organisation committed to defending the rights of small farmers and promoting rural development

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