Fratelli dell’Uomo is a non-governmental organization for international cooperation founded in Italy in 1969 and belonging to the group Frères des Hommes, founded in France in 1965, with affiliations in Belgium and Luxembourg.

It works in Latin America and Africa with local partners, supporting their projects and initiatives. The areas of this cooperation, always aimed at strengthening the processes of democratic engagement, concern the right to food, food sovereignty, the defense of the environment and common goods, and the economy of solidarity.

For us, cooperation means supporting the efforts of organisations – movements, local associations, federations and non-governmental entities – which, without distinction of race, colour or religion, at the urban and rural level, fight against situations of inequality in the countries of the Global South. These organizations do not require charitable or welfare interventions, but rather active solidarity to create the conditions for economic and political democracy, participation and social justice essential for a fair and equitable development.

Our activities

Support for projects involving: Environment and common goods; Food sovereignty; Solidarity economy.
The common denominator of the projects is the strengthening of democracy and participation and the defence of the rights of citizenship. Most of the initiatives involve women.
Exchanges between social organisations (at local, South-South and North-South level) to compare knowledge, experiences, strategies. Exchanges encourage networking and participation in geographical or thematic platforms.
Search for new institutional relations for partners in the South,connecting them to Italian and/or European social organizations engaged in similar issues. Significant is the commitment in the field of decentralized cooperation, for Fratelli dell’Uomo a form of involvement of the italian territory and the communities that operate there.
Specific information and complaint activitieswith public appeals relating to violations of rights suffered by persons and communities related to Partners in Africa and Latin America.

Donation and institutional co-financing

Fratelli dell’Uomo finances its activities with private contributions/donations and co-financing of public and private institutions for targeted projects. Donations guarantee the freedom and autonomous choices that have always characterized the Association. They also constitute the basis of funds usually requested by co- financing bodies.

In 2017 the Association received the following contributions from the Public Administration:

Regione Toscana: 22.835 Euro

Comuni Unione Valdera: 4.350 Euro

Regione Veneto: 600 Euro

Fratelli dell’Uomo guarantees full compliance with the will of the donors, allocating the individua lcontribution to the indicated project and informing those who donate of the progress of the project itself.
Every year, the association provides comprehensive information on all the activities carried out and on the use of funds.

Fratelli dell’Uomo has obtained from the Italian Institute of Donation a certificate of conformity to the principles contained in the Donation Charter.

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