Social Responsibility

To be protagonists of an active collaboration between profit and no profit, and building together an alliance in the long term. The distinctive element is to combine economic responsibility with social responsibility, which creates tangible and intangible values for everything around the company.
These are winning values for your company, for people, for the community and for the environment.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)Responsibility) is considered as one of the strategic tools to achieve a more competitive and socially cohesive society and to modernise and strengthen the European social model.
Social responsibility is defined as: “The voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns of companies in their business operations and in their relations with stakeholders”.

CSR goes beyond compliance with legal requirements and identifies practices and behaviours that a company adopts on a voluntary basis, in the conviction that it obtains results that can bring benefits and advantages to itself and to the contexts in which it operates.

This translates into the adoption of a corporate policy that is able to reconcile economic objectives with the social and environmental objectives of the area in question, with a view towards future sustainability.

The advantages for your company

Tax deductibility: Fratelli dell’Uomo is a non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible up to 10%, with no absolute limit. If the deduction is higher than the total declared income, a deduction is possible in the following 4 years.
Communication: the programme and company collaboration will be widely disseminated by the press office of Fratelli dell'Uomo and through the various information channels to which companies and Fratelli dell'Uomo have access.
Visibility:Fratelli dell'Uomo will organize events with the participation of testimonials to enhance the active collaboration with the company.
Recognition and ethical image: towards stakeholders with a consequent increase in customer loyalty¹ and improvement of the internal climate of the company.
Added value: working together with an association that has almost 50 years of experience and has been working for as long with reliable partners in Africa and Latin America, in a transparent way.

¹ Data from the Socialis Observatory and the Ixé Institute (2014) demonstrate the strong importance of the corporate reputation in purchasing decisions and the increase in sales of companies that adopt CSR.

Because with Fratelli dell'Uomo

Almost 50 years of experience and a network of partners of proven reliability, selected over time.

It is present in three Italian regions (Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany) and in three European countries (France, Luxembourg, Belgium).

Transparency and coherence
The budget is transparent and certified and donations are constantly monitored by the Italian Donation Institute (Link) of which Fratelli dell’Uomo is a member. The minimum necessary amount is allocated to the costs of structure and promotion.

Active collaboration, not charity
Fratelli dell’Uomo does not intervene directly in the countries of the South but supports associations and local movements, collaborating in partnerships, thus sharing ideals, projects and responsibilities in full compliance with their culture and their values.

Promotes local autonomy and community self-determination
Fratelli dell’Uomo supports and cooperates with social organizations, movements and local communities so that they become subjects of positive change in their territory.

It’s a bridge
Fratelli dell’Uomo is a reliable link between the local organizations of the Global South and the local institutions that want to support them.

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