Testamentary bequests

Why a legacy to Fratelli dell’Uomo?

Because it would be beautiful to have a world in which the land to be cultivated and access to water were for all, in which the trees increase instead of decreasing every day, in which the people most in need can access credit to improve their living conditions. That would be nice, but it’s not reality: in many cases all these requirements are denied, sometimes even by force.

To achieve all of this we need your help. Decide to make a legacy to Fratelli dell’Uomo!

How to make a will

Making a will isn’t usually complicated, but it has its own rules. Correctly drafting it will prevent it from being challenged.

“…without prejudice to the rights that the law reserves to my legitimate heirs, I leave to the Fratelli dell’Uomo association, viale Restelli 9, Milan, tax code 80134450156, the sum of … the following titles …”

These few lines in your will are enough: you will give Fratelli dell’Uomo and the communities with which we work the possibility to continue their struggle, to be able to support their families with dignity, to overcome inequalities that damage every dignity.

Guarantees for heirs and available shares

The law protects your family members and also your right to dispose of your assets according to your will

The law establishes that a share of the assets is assigned by right to the closest relatives: children, spouse and parents (these are the forced heirs): this is the reserve share. Depending on the number and level of kinship of the forced heirs, this share varies from 1/3 to 3/4 of the patrimony itself.

The rest of the patrimony is called the available share and we can dispose of it without any constraint.
We can therefore allocate this part to other people to whom we are attached and who we would like to remember in our will, people to whom we are bound by bonds of friendship or gratitude and solidarity organizations in which we have confidence.

The available share varies, depending on the presence of forced heirs, from 2/3 to 1/4 of the patrimony, while it includes it in its totality in the case of lack of forced heirs.
Only by making a will can we indicate one or more beneficiaries of the available share: it is sufficient to allocate a legacy to whom we want.

Bequests to non-profit organisations are not subject to inheritance tax.

Don’t think that it is worth deciding on a legacy to Fratelli dell’Uomo only if you have large holdings. In any case, it will have important effects.

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