Active since 1969 in the Southern Hemisphere, making development a vital factor of democracy and justice.

Environment and Natural Resources.
We work, on a daily basis, to preserve biodiversity and access to cultivable land and water resources while respecting the ecological balance of the environment.
Sustainable Agriculture
We work to maintain a community based agriculture vs the intensive exploitation of land. We take action to preserve autochthonous seeds and promote cultivations with low environmental impact.
Supportive Economies.
We create micro-credit funds which allow access to credit for disadvantaged actors and support local economies in Africa and Latin America.
We train agricultural workers in the Southern Hemisphere and take actions to raise awareness concerning active citizenship, sustainable agriculture and environmental respect with school-aged youth and teachers in Italy.

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Latest projects

Project to support agricultural producers in the Village of Risso
Agricultural producers in the village of Risso achieved several improvements during 2016. The “animal capital” has increased and today more
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The dream of the young people of Chocaya
We are helping young people in Chocaya, in the Cochabamba region of Bolivia, to revitalize the Tunari nature park, which
Read more.
Installation of a solar platform in the Village of Chérif Ka
During 2016, the solar platform in the village of Chérif Ka, Senegal, which provides energy for the lighting and water
Read more.
Microcredit for Malika
Malika is a suburb of Dakar, Senegal. Piles of cluttered houses rise near a huge dump that represents life and
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Social day 2018
The “Social Day: new citizens from local to global” is an active citizenship and participation project co-financed by the Italian
Read more.
Rural micro-enterprises in Cameroon
Cameroon is a country rich in natural resources but this wealth does not benefit much of the population. Especially in
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I’m running for Oxapampa!
Run the 2018 Milano Marathon for the Amazon. In Oxapampa, at the gates of the Peruvian Amazon forest, the lush
Read more.
Run for ideas to grow in Malika
On April 2, 2017 we participated in the Milano Marathon to support the development of the community of Malika, Senegal.
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Reforestation and organic farming in Oxapampa
Where the Peruvian Amazon forest begins, the Yanesha Indian community has always lived in harmony with Mother Earth. However, its
Read more.

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