Volunteering Lodi

The local group of Fratelli dell’Uomo has been present in Lodi since 2010; it was formed as a result of the stimulus of some people who in previous years had already had relations with the Association on various issues and who decided to take up the proposal made to them to contribute to the creation of stronger territorial roots of FdU.

The group is well placed in the local context because, since the beginning of its activity, it has joined the Lodi Solidarity Table, a meeting grouping of associations that are present in the city of Lodi for different reasons and that meet on projects shared by all.

Over the years we have developed various initiatives promoted both autonomously and through participation in institutional moments. The activity in schools is one of the awareness-raising issues of our association which sees us most present at a local level. On all these initiatives we expect to collect the contribution of new volunteers to be able to extend our activities.

Contact us: info@fratellidelluomo.org

Volunteering Pisa

The operational headquarters in Pisa was established on June 1, 2008. Since the beginning we have had a strong support from local community for our initiatives, strengthening our presence and allowing us to establish relationships with public and private institutions, schools, networks of GAS (solidarity purchasing groups) and many people interested in societal change of our society in from a perspective of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Our office coordinates activities throughout the Region, along these lines: decentralised cooperation with Tuscan public bodies, training activities for adults and schools, awareness-raising activities through thematic meetings, photographic exhibitions, film forums and much more.
The issues that have most characterized us are: the right to water, women’s rights, food and conscious consumption.
Volunteers have always animated the local group and after years of voluntary work alongside and supporting the activities of Fratelli dell’Uomo Italy, in 2012 the new association Fratelli dell’Uomo – Tuscan section – was founded.

Contact us: toscana@fratellidelluomo.org

Volunteering Padova

Since its birth in 2005, the regional headquarters in Padua, has attracted many people interested in reflecting critically on the changes that society is experiencing, regarding relations between the global North and South. But there is no change without participation! For this reason, we are concretely committed to activities linked to the protection and enhancement of cultural, social, environmental and human biodiversity.

Many of the activities are carried out within the framework of decentralised cooperation, with the aim of involving the citizen, starting from the local institutions that surround him, without forgetting the educational institutions. If at a global level we deal with food sovereignty and protection of common goods, here in Veneto we talk about critical consumption, food security, zero kilometre supply chain and organic production. We organize cooking classes, schooling on biodiversity and cultural events. In addition to this, intercultural dialogue, active citizenship, solidarity economy and the issue of gender, political and environmental rights are fundamental for us. Recently, a group of active and dynamic local animators has been created, and it is growing day by day.

Contact us: veneto@fratellidelluomo.org